MAF Heart Rate Calculator

Welcome to our MAF Heart Rate Calculator, based on Phil Maffetone's Method, designed to help you determine your personalized Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) heart rate. MAF training focuses on developing your aerobic system by training at a heart rate that promotes optimal fat burning and aerobic development. Understanding your MAF heart rate enables you to train more efficiently, reduce the risk of injury, and enhance your endurance.

Phil Maffetone's Method is a widely respected approach that takes your age and current fitness level into account to calculate your ideal MAF heart rate. To use our calculator, simply enter your age, resting heart rate, and any additional factors such as recent illness or injury. The calculator will then provide you with your individual MAF heart rate zone, which you can use to tailor your training.

Incorporating MAF-based training into your workout routine can help you build a strong aerobic base, improve your running economy, and increase your overall fitness. As you progress, it's essential to re-evaluate your MAF heart rate to ensure that your training remains effective and continues to challenge you.

Suitable for runners, cyclists, and endurance athletes of all levels, our MAF Heart Rate Calculator is an invaluable resource for optimizing your training and monitoring your progress. Use Phil Maffetone's Method to unlock your full aerobic potential and achieve your fitness goals.